I am a tiny house dweller, wanderer, teacher, adventurer and Harry Potter lover.  My husband Tim and I have been living tiny for three years, and our entire purpose for going tiny was to travel as much as possible in this beautiful life.

We have been to some incredible places, but are far from done.  Our appreciation for going off the map started on our honeymoon to Costa Rica in 2012, where we planned an entire week with no plan.  We wandered around the Pacific Coast in our 4-wheel drive SUV, surfing, swimming, adopting stray dogs, eating fish tacos, purchasing ceviche from coolers on the side of the road and problem-solving flat tires with random Ticos.  Obviously, from that point on, we were sold on traveling with almost no plan ever since.

People often asked me why I didn’t start a blog about tiny living and minimalism.  There is a section of that here, so if you find Tiny Life interesting, head to the Tiny Living Section!

What I consider to be the more interesting part of this site is the Featured Travelers Section where you’ll find stories from amazing travelers who, like us, have an appreciation for going off the grid and finding random, amazing spots.  My hope is not that you’ll seek to replicate these folks’ experiences, but take what they’ve shared and learned, and use it to find your own adventure.  Happy traveling!