Tiny House Living: Three Year Mark

Tim and I have officially been living in the tiny house for three years. A lot has happened and changed in three years, both inside the house and with its surroundings!  Here is a little trip down memory lane, complete with all that characterized years one, two and three.

Pre-move-in, we had plenty of fixing up to do in order to make the house livable after our stint on Tiny House Nation.  We needed to actually give ourselves a closet, switch out an impossibly small kitchen sink, and more.  Luckily, we had great builders who were willing to make the changes and wrap up construction for us, unpaid.  Shoutouts to Lake Construction! We moved the house into storage and worked on selling our house.


Year One:  Lori and Dennis, complete strangers to us at the time, contacted us in response to a third-hand lead on a craigslist add looking for land to park our house on.  When we drove out to their property, situated on a main road, these two crazy cats offered up their driveway to us on the spot.  They cited their curiosity as payment, and asked only that we pay for our utility use.  Year one was plagued by frozen water intake AND greywater due to subzero temperatures.  There were lots of showers elsewhere, face washings using tupperware containers, and braided hair due to no showers.  It was also filled with adjusting, less time cleaning, figuring things out, and making it work!

Year one was also filled with lots of wine drinking with L&D and their sons, my first ever I’m-so-hungover-I’m-throwing-up-the-next-day (first time for everything), bonfires, whiffle-ball games, croquet, birthdays, travels (United Arab Emirates), barn karaoke and general great times.  L&D have an action packed property, and have lovingly come to refer to us as “the tinies.”  All good things must come to and end though, and Dennis (smartly) put an end day on our stay from the start.  It was a sad goodbye, but not really a goodbye at all.  On to year two…

We packed up, which was remarkably easy, and hitched up.

Year Two: Right around the time we needed to move, a dear (former) coworker of mine offered up her farm as our next yard.  We have been BLESSED to have the opportunity to move here; it’s truly a magical place.  There are acres upon acres of greenery, hiking trails, woods, zip-lines, rope swings and an underground spring-fed pond.  Over that time, the farm has undergone changes, including a turnover of generations running the operation.  Lucky for us, the new generation is grateful for the extra help we can provide during the winter selling Christmas trees. They have been endlessly patient with our Internet issues, plumbing issues, crazy dogs, and more.

Year two was mostly characterized by pond floating, wandering about the magical premises, buying a second vehicle (carpooling wasn’t working anymore), and starting to make small changes to the house to better fit our needs.  We paid off heaps of debt, but also traveled to Harry Potter World, Annapolis, Panama, Sweden, and went sailing in NC.

Stockholm, Sweden

Year Three:  We continued to work on the farm, and started working out ways to have visitors in the tiny house.  Adam, our pit bull with a traumatic brain injury, doesn’t take too kindly to guests, so we learned that when the weather is nice, we can put him in his crate in the tent.  We had visits from family and sleepovers with friends.  We have also started to really make changes to the tiny house to really make it our own.  Sadly, we didn’t have much say in design decisions throughout our build on Tiny House Nation, so this has been really, really exciting for me!  I crave change often, and these changes are feeding my soul.  We put up shelving in the bathroom, put up new shelving next to the couch, did a mini kitchen remodel (oh, the fridge space!), and are currently re-working the office and closet for more efficient storage.  I think Tim is going to murder me if I request another project…

What’s Next: This year, we are cracking down hard on debt, and are on track to be free from it within a year.  Stay tuned, because there are lots of exciting changes and travels on the way!


Do you have questions about living tiny? Leave a comment or question below!



2 thoughts on “Tiny House Living: Three Year Mark

  1. Phil says:

    Great Post!
    I’m considering going tiny. My life is going to be drastically changing soon (for the better). A tiny home seems a great way to get out of debt and still provide a great home for my girls to come to and discover more of the outdoors and even more of each other with the forced proximity of one of these. Our lives have been run by what we have or could get and I want to be an example that you don’t have to be a slave to some faceless bank to have it all. Just need to appreciate what you have.
    Just wondering if you have found any long term solutions in the area for these homes and also how you dealt with the winters here with plumbing,access, etc. Thanks!


    • wordofmouthtraveler says:

      Hi Phil! Thanks for commenting! I hope tiny life works out for you; it’s been such a life-changing experience for us. I did another post here on the blog about our experience with zoning in the Rochester area. In terms of plumbing, we just have a simple grey water ditch and run a heated RV hose to the house; the spigot and intake are both heat taped. This setup seems to work fine unless it’s bitter cold (negative temps). When that happens we just expect it to freeze and stock up on gallon jugs until the cold passes. Even this has taught us to appreciate what we are so blessed to have: running water!


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